Cecelia and Nicholas’ Marriage On The Rocks Now?

I am sure everyone is following closely the hot juicy news on Edison’s sex scandal.  Rumors have it that Edison had proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years and begged her to marry him in order to save him from being killed by some triad members from the girlfriend’s wealthy family. He had also checked into a sex rehab center in the U.S. as advised by his girlfriend’s family.  Rumors also have it that Edison had threatened to slit his writs if his marriage proposal was turned down. Do you think this is true love or is he just trying to save his own life and reputation?

Now I am just waiting to read news on Cecelia and Nicholas’ marriage. It seems Patrick (Nicholas’ dad) has encouraged his son to get a paternity test / DNA test to see if the baby son is indeed his or Edison’s. I just don’t understand these celebrities. Why are they always embroiled in such complicated relationships? I think if Cecelia and Nicholas really want their marriage to work, they should really go for a marriage retreat or a marriage family counseling, like the ones from the internationally renowned Mort Fortel.

Mort Fortel is well known round the world for saving many marriages and for providing free marriage help.  Hopefully with marital help from professionals like Mort Fortel, Cecilia and Nicholas’ marriage will survive the storm. It would be really sad to see the couple break up.

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