Chicken Pox Or What?

A few kids were down with chicken pox in Alycia and Sher’s pre-school last week. This afternoon, I discovered several red spots on Sher’s body (front and back of her body). They looked like some insect bites but at a closer look, there appears to be a little water inside the dots. In fact, I saw a couple of red spots behind her ears a few days ago. I was told by my friend who sold me the Millennium Cactus juice and by my hub’s aunt who is also an E.Excel consumer that the rashes/spots are actually a sign that the body is being detoxified. Sher, Alycia and Baby C started consuming the Cactus juice last Wednesday. There are also several spots on Alycia’s neck and Baby C’s leg as well. Now, I’m unsure if those red spots are chicken pox or just a reaction after consuming the Millennium Cactus juice. Sher has no fever and she did not complain that the spots are causing her any itch. She’s still as hyper active as ever. I’m just worried that if it’s indeed Chicken Pox, the virus may spread to Baby C.

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7 thoughts on “Chicken Pox Or What?

  1. from my experience, is there is a little water inside the res spots, it should be Chicken Pox. But if they have take the vaccination, the rashes is less compare to those who not take the jab.

  2. but my kids dont hv such spots after drinking millenium juice for awhile. perhaps wait for 1 or 2 days later and see how? or bring them to doc to check? my kids school announced that some schools students have FHM.

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