Choke Whilst Nursing

Baby C tends to choke when I nurse her lately.  My confinement lady (who was once a midwife) says that it’s because my milk supply has increased, thus the choking.  I think it’s quite true coz this did not happen at the early stage when I started to breastfeed her.  Lately, my milk supply has increased and she tends to choke half way through nursing.  Once, she choked and seconds later, she puked like  water flowing out from the faucet.  She really scared me out of my wits.  Now, each time she coughs while nursing, I will pull her mouth away from my teat spontaneously and pat her chest or burb her.  It’s really terrifying to hear a small, fragile and helpless baby coughing, sometimes as if she’s gasping for air.

Does that happen to your baby too?

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3 thoughts on “Choke Whilst Nursing

  1. Yeah, experienced this with baby before too, especially during the let down. Sometimes can hear them gulping down as fast as they can. It is a good idea to take them off the breast when the milk flow is fast. Let it drip or store into a bottle. Put them back on again when the “milk pressure” not so strong. Yup. it’s scary when they puke it up again.

  2. Happened to me, esp. when the baby is hungry and I’m engorged! I’ll take a break in-between for the baby to rest and take a good breather before continuing.

  3. my grandma taught me this. if u feel u have a huge let down coming, quickly clamp your breast (above the nipple) to stop the fast flow to prevent chocking. Then slowly let go again when the let-down is over. I did that.

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