Chubby Alycia

Everyone is commenting that Alycia has put on a lot of weight lately. I don’t really notice it as I see her everyday. So today I went through my picture folder to go through her pix and omg, it’s true, she really gained some weight, especially on her cheeks and belly. Notice how chubby her cheeks are here?

Even our paed commented that Aly’s weight has shot up quite a bit. Her weight shot up from 15kg to 18kg in 4 months! I think it must be because she didn’t need to go to school for almost half a year, had enough sleep, slackened a bit in her exercise (we use to jog everyday when we were staying in Shah Alam) and she’s been eating quite a bit lately. I’d better make her exercise more in the evenings, else she’ll grow into a fatty bom bom in no time, LOL!

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8 thoughts on “Chubby Alycia

  1. This is very cute la…i like chubby chubby baby and kids , dun wory, there will slim down once there grow big.
    Alycia, u still very sweet and cute, eat more , ok ???

  2. No lah.. where got fat..! their weight goes up.. and down.. so donch you worry about it.. 🙂 she is too cute.. to be a fatty bom bom.. 😉

  3. Her face really ’round’ & cheek -pinkish color(I love kid cheek pinkish color), but, for me, as long as she is healthy, less sick, no worry about putting on weight…when they sick, they lost weight faster

  4. What a pretty girl u had!! She got a rosy cheeks and chubby! I wan to *bite bite*..hahaha
    She does look like those mix (mat salleh kid).

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