Combi Bib

This is the Combi bib that I got Sherilyn from Toys City, 1U. It cost me RM50, before a 20% discount. It’s expensive but I feel it’s well worth the investment coz Sher’s a real messy eater and with a good food-catcher bib, it saves me all the trouble cleaning up the food that she drops or spits out.

The rubbery bib is detachable, foldable (good for outings) and is adjustable to 3 heights, depending on the size of the toddler.

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7 thoughts on “Combi Bib

  1. wow….that’s a pretty expensive bib. i bought a similar one from tommii tippee and it’s abt rm15. i guess the combi ones have more features 😀 Anyway, ashley doesn’t like this kind of bibs. She would take it off and bite 🙁

  2. is it heavy? we didn’t have that during my kids time, we only had cloth bibs…but that one is cool

  3. Mom to chumsy… we hv the Tommii Tippi bib too but it’s kinda loose for alycia.

    Girlie… nope, it’s not heavy. Very light and fits nicely, not too loose and not tight.

  4. We have something like this here too.. but that ex though. I can’t remember how much it is.. but i’ll check it out and let you know. And no.. chloe never used anything like that.. the ones she had were free from Baby Einstein.
    We are pretty el-cheapo.. hahahha!!

  5. weeew, very expensive bib. shern is also a messy eater, but i only use cloth bibs on him. i thought of buyin a plastic one but definitely won’t buy that exp bib.

  6. Cherry… have to divide around 3.8 to get the amount, oops dont hv a calculator with me now…

    Mamabok… i dont mind using free things too so long as they are practical.

    Leena…i bot the combi bib coz it’s quite difficult to get a good bib with a food catcher… one that’s easy to wash and drys up easily. I dont like cloth type as it takes a long time to dry.

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