Cracked Heel-File

This is not a hair brush, it’s a cracked heel-file which my dear mil sent to me from Hong Kong last week.

For years, I’ve been battling cracked heels and I have really rough and ugly heels. My mil had advised me to use her cracked heel-file when she came back last month but I was too lazy and busy to use it. For years, I’ve been applying Elgy cracked heel cream, vaseline, shear butter paste, Rosken extra dry skin lotion, Savlon, Bepanthen baby cream, etc. etc. I’ve tried almost all the creams one can find from the pharmacy but none helped to relieve my cracked heel until I used this cracked heel-file. The result is amazing and just after 1 use, I saw DRAMATIC results. I’ve now used it religiously for 5 days already and I am so happy with the results. My heels are so much smoother now.

For those of you with cracked heels problem, go get this gadget, it really works for me, and I must thank my mil for it.

This is NOT a sponsored post 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Cracked Heel-File

  1. Wow…i have this same problem too…from walking around the house too much without shoes on. Have you seen those people who massage and remove the cracked heels at the malls? they charge RM30 for doing it. I tried it once and it was good, but of course, it came back cos i didn’t get the file and cream 🙁 quite embarrassed to do it at the mall with shoppers walking around and staring at the dead skin…hahahaha

  2. My mil said the heel-file costs arond HKD200+, she got it fr one of those shops that do manicure and pedicure. Maybe u can try getting the file fr a pedi&manicure shop in Mid Valley or 1Utama?

  3. Wow!! The result seems good huh… think i need to get one too cos my heel crack so badly that I peeled them off… you can imagine the look after… eekk…

  4. add to that if you can help it, put vaseline at nights and wear socks, don’t file too much, might cause thinning of the skin

  5. Looks like most moms hv cracked heel, i thot i’m the only one.

    Girlie… I actually put on socks everynite w/o fail after putting the cream but doesnt really help. I’ve tried Vaseline too but no help too. The filing really helped. Oh, i didnt know that over filing might thin the skin. Tks 4 d info.

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