Crawling and Creeping For Your Child’s Brain Development

Crawling (like commando crawl) and creeping (on all fours, i.e. on hands and knees) are highly advocated and encouraged by Glenn Doman (GD) for the development of a baby’s brains. I used to be a pro-GD and practised the GD inspired programs with Sherilyn since she was a newborn. When I first had Alycia, I hadn’t discovered GD yet. It was only when Alycia was around 6-7 months that I had discovered GD and I then started to make homemade flash cards to teach Alycia reading. Sadly, she didn’t show much interest as I had started her a little too late. With Sherilyn, I started flashing words and math dots cards to her when she was 2 months old and I encouraged lots of tummy time even when she was a newborn. Tummy time will lead to early crawling which will in turn lead to creeping. Sherilyn turned out to be more advanced than Alycia in many areas. Till today, I still encourage Alycia and Sherilyn to creep on gym mats on the floor whenever I have the time. To encourage the gals to creep, I too have to creep along with them. It is proven that crawling and creeping as well as walking and running (all in great amounts) have helped improved speech development in toddlers. If you visit the GD website and the Childbrain forum, you will be amazed with how the GD programs have had success with so many kids worldwide. So if you’re lost with activity ideas with your kids, go get some gym mats and play crawling and creeping games with them!

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9 thoughts on “Crawling and Creeping For Your Child’s Brain Development

  1. Hi HFM–love your header!

    I included some GD early reading ideas starting when my little one was 10 months. I found whaat I did, to be very useful. She was reading by the time she was two.

    The math dots have been less successful.

    But, overall I think there are some wonderful ideas coming out of the GD group.

  2. I just bought the whole set (Eng, Chinese, Math & Encybits). I find it not very effective as my girl aged 2 will turn away when I flash the 2nd or 3rd card. So, I go to the extent of putting the cards on the staircase (one card on one step). She love that method but I’m not sure whether it’s correct.

    My eldest (6) and second son (4) are a little too late for Eng & math. So, started them on Chinese & Encybits. I found all 3 of them to be more interested in the Encybits set because of the pictures. Any advice on how to make this work?

  3. Nice header, very cute and funny too.

    Finally PPP approved my blog, yay! Too bad I am too late to grab some of $50 opportunitis :(. I hope they offer some kind of alert so we know each time there’s good opportunities.

  4. Cherry… congrats on the approval of your blog by 3P. Nope, there’s no email notification or alert on new opps. You have to GRAB them!

  5. Jo-N…. there’s no one fixed / correct method. You can use any method to show the cards to your kids as long as they love it.
    My girls dont really look at the cards when I flash to them. So I hang the cards everywhere in the house and room – and I find this method works best for them.

    My girls also find plain words cards boring. They love BITS and homemade books.

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