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I never have full confidence in online food delivery as previous experiences had left a bad taste behind. Same goes with so-called home-cooked daily food catering. Maybe I am persnickety but that’s just my girls and me. We’ve had enough of bad experiences to even trust online food delivery now.

When I was approached by Dah Makan online food delivery to give their healthy menu a try, I was pretty apprehensive too. But looking at the pictures and ingredients  used in the Dah Makan website, I was pretty impressed. Being a health freak who is very anal with what goes into my food, I was impressed that Dah Makan serves only healthy food with  healthy ingredients and herbs used.

Dah Makan whips up only one specialised dish each day, for lunch and dinner. This makes it easier for quality control and the chef only has one dish to focus on each day. Thus, the quality and taste of the food are superior.

Ordering online from Dah Makan was a breeze for me. The website is very easy to navigate.

On the day that my lunch box was to be delivered to me, it rained in the late morning. A customer service rep. emailed me to inform me that my order will be slightly late due to bad weather. Nonetheless, my lovely lunch box was delivered to me by 12 noon.

The packaging was pretty impressive too and came with a set of disposable plastic cutlery.

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Below: The  Christmas Special Chestnut Stuffed Chicken with Trio Roast Root Vegetables that I ordered.

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Within minutes that it arrived, my 3 girls, as famished as feral dogs did  not even bother to use the cutlery provided and pecked on the food with their bare hands!

The chicken was really flavorsome and my girls and I just couldn’t stop pecking on the chicken with our bare hands haha!  Within minutes, the entire box  of food was gobbled down. Even the sauce that came with it was tasty and was suggestive that everything was prepared with much thoughts and effort, with care given on ingredients used.

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Check out the chestnut and parmesan stuffing on each slice of chicken. Mmmmm, I liked that!

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Other healthy and exciting dishes from the Dah Makan menu…

  1. Lunch and dinner on 10 December 2015 (Thursday) – Christmas Special Beef Ragu with Baked Polenta and Roast Vegetables @ RM22

2. Lunch and dinner  on 18 November 2015 (Friday) – Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken with Herb and Raisin Wild Rice and Roasted Vegetables @ RM19

3. Lunch and dinner  on  11 December 2015 (Friday) – 3 Baja Fried Fish Taco with Coleslaw and Pineapple Salsa @ RM18

and many more cuisines from all over the world. All of them looks delish and I am pretty sure that they taste delish too.

They say that first impressions are important as they stick with people. And my first impression of Dah Makan’s food is good and I am very satisfied with it. There will definitely be another round of ordering from me!  I know our girls will be more excited than I am.

Goodies in store for Health Freak Mommy readers! 🙂

Each reader of Health Freak Mommy will be entitled to a RM10 discount off their first purchase only.  During checkout, all you have to do is to key in the promotion code HEALTHFREAKMOMMY1  

So the next time you are stranded in the office and are unable to get out to grab a decent takeout or if you are feeling plain lazy to cook a delish meal, Dah Makan is just a few clicks away to make you feel at home with their homecooked meals!

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