Different Kind of Hide-And-Seek

There’s a different kind of hide-and-seek game in our home. It’s a “mum hides gadget, mum soon forgets hiding place, kids look high and low for it and finally gadget pops out when you least expect it” sort of game. All the time. Because mum has too many things to sort out in her mind and her grey cells are depleting so fast that she experiences short-term memory deficit on trivial and unimportant things.

The gadget that I usually hide are the iPad, mobile phone, power bank, TV remote control and story books. Just because some people won’t listen. I hide them at lightning speed just when they turn their backs on me.  With a million drama to deal with and chores to do every single day, who has space in the brain left to remember where those gadgets are hidden, right? Right?

Just the other day, I hid the TV remote control in the mil’s room when she was overseas.  Weeks later, I forgot where I hid it… until the hubs asked for it. When he hollered for the TV remote control, the girls said “mummy hid it!”  But I have no frigging recollection on where I hid it!  Then the four of us (girls and I) went hunting for the TV remote control, to no avail of course. 🤭

Fast forward three days later. When the mil was unpacking her luggage bags and putting her clothes back into her wardrobe, she found the TV remote control!  After 1.5 months of missing in action!  The house was a barrel of laughs when we saw the hidden and found remote control 😆

Does this happen in your house too?


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