DIY Sandwiches

Alycia and Sherilyn are pretty independant girls. They can now do almost everything themselves – taking their bath, wash up after poopie business, make their own bed, tidy up their drawers, dress up, getting ready to go to school (Sher needs lots and lots of improvement on this though. She is the world’s no. 1 ‘lau hei por’ or Miss Dilly Dally and this is absolutely driving me bonkers!) and they even know how to make their own sandwiches.

This is a bowl of tuna fish with Japanese mayo and lots of fresh cut shallots.  I was too busy to help them fix their sandwiches and they were more than happy to help themselves.  It was like a real life masak-masak for them preparing their own sandwiches!

I also cut up some tomatoes and Japanese cucumbers to go with the sandwiches.

Alycia’s creation – homemade blue cheese bread with lots of tuna mayo, tomatoes and cucumbers.  She also made a ‘smiley face’ with the tuna and mayo on her bread!

Eating the sandwiches that they prepared themselves tasted so much more yummy and they of course polished off their own creations!

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10 thoughts on “DIY Sandwiches

  1. oh, sure… they sure like their own creation. My girl likes tuna with croissant. She can finish it fast without me nag her to chew and swallow and take the next bite.

  2. yea i agree but i wouldn’t allow them to do that on their own .. afterwards i’ve got to clean up their mess. the rests i’m fine with letting them explore. 🙂

  3. your gals are so independent, they are not fussy in food as well, can even eat shallot and veggie. Unlike my gals, veggie are no no to them, they will not eat the whole thing if they find a tiny bit of veggie in their food, making me angry and speechless all the time.

  4. Great way to get the kids to be more independant! I can’t believe your kids would eat tuna with onions and blue cheese bread! Mine would run off screaming, even now!

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