Do You Allow Your Maid To Discipline Your Children?


Alycia and Sherilyn can be quite difficult to discipline at times, especially Sherilyn who is really mischievous, hyper-active and willful.  Even I find it hard to discipline Sherilyn and sometimes I spank her to discipline her.  Sadly, it is only through spanking and threats that Sherilyn obeys.  Distraction, sweet-talking and talking in a nice cultured tone do not seem to make her listen to us most of the time. 

Ever since my maid worked for us a month ago, I have not told her that she is not to hit my kids to discipline them.  However, after today’s incident where she pinched Sherilyn’s cheek to discipline her, I have told her that she is not to hit my kids to discipline them.  If she has a hard time making my kids listen to her, she is to tell me and I will be the one to discipline them.

Do you allow your maid to discipline your kids?

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15 thoughts on “Do You Allow Your Maid To Discipline Your Children?

  1. Oh Gosh! She pinched Sherilyn’s cheek? It is a no-no! I think no matter what, she shouldn’t have done that to your little girl. Like what you said, she should tell you and let you handle it.
    Out of curiousity, will your kids be alone with her when you deliver?
    Btw, do you have email addy? Thought of sending you the pic of the egg mould as I might not have time to blog about it. For the bento boxes, I got it from shop, Minnie toon (I think that’s the shop name) and online. What else would you like to know? I can email it to you with the pic 🙂

  2. From day one my maid reported duty I’ll give a “senarai tugas” which clearly stated the rules of the house which include no using cane, beat or hurt the kids in anyway. But I give her authority to scold or punish them with “silent” treatment or else I’m afraid the kids will climb on top of her head when I’m not around. So far, she can even discipline them in their homework before i get back frm work outstation. So far so good.

  3. I don’t have a maid, but I don’t believe in getting someone else other than hubbs or myself disciplining my kids. You’re right, you should tell your maid off.

  4. I’m kinda lucky that my maid understand what she can and cannot do and we work well as a team.

    I never allow anybody (literally nobody incl MIL etc) to lay their hands on my kids. If they are naughty or extremely out of control, they know they have to inform me and I will discipline them myself. I’ll usually do it behind close door though..

    Once my SIL hit my girl and drag her out of her room for touching her stuffs, I confronted her immediately and told her she is not to do such stuffs.

    I do make my kids know that the maid is like their mummy and they have to obey and respect her, otherwise, when I step in, it won’t be nice.

  5. My twins are very inquisitive and talkative. While cute, their cheekiness can sometimes go overboard to rudeness. They have their disobedient, stubborn and naughty moments just like most kids their age. I don’t tolerate bad behaviour.
    B’cos I don’t spend much time with them, I really need the maid to help reinforce the values I instill (no telling lies, being rude, hitting people, watching TV more than allowed time etc) while I’m not around. I allow my maid to put them in ‘naughty corner’ for these offenses. That’s the limit for her. The kids know what their limits are too, before they get the ‘naughty corner’.

    Everyone knows their boundaries. She reports to me if they have been naughty (for what) and punished, or the kids will even say so themselves.
    Hubby or I will then talk with the twins about the incident in a calm way, just reinforcing they shouldn’t have done the naughty thing. We are careful not to be angry doing this, else it would be like added punishment, and they might bear resentment against the maid. Vicious cycle, lah.

    Once they have this respect for the maid, she should have less problem handling them and getting the housework done. Same time, there is less stress for her to care for my twins, thus their interactions are more happy and she is more willing to do things for them voluntarily. From their fondness and concern of of her, it is clear she has never laid a hand on them.

  6. Definitely no. I asked her (prev maid) to tell me if the kids misbehave and she’s not in any position to hit or beat them. That reminds me, I’ve yet to highlight this rule to the new maid yet.

  7. its a big NO! NO! the first day she arrived we told her our house rules. can scold but not hit. u reli need to tok to her or mayb ur hubby shld tok to her… i notice some maids r afraid of our hubby n not us

  8. hi,
    nope….absolutely no way that the maid can lay her hands or whatever on my kids!! guess it will be d same rule for all…either tell us (d parents) or d grandparents if she can’t control their misbehaves!!
    u did d right thing…….

    btw, i luv yr ali’s sweet smile a lot lor…..!!!

  9. HOLY MACARONI..!!! she pinched Sher’s cheek..??? i would have been ballistic..!!! i would never pinched my own daughter’s cheek .. to discipline her.. much less let anyone else.

  10. No..i don allow my maid to discipline my sons. Just last two weeks when i’m back in sarawak, i saw her scold my sons, with very fierce tone, she did not realise i’m watching her, and another incident is, when my mum bring my sons out for a car ride, she go together with them, in the sons hit the kakak like playing with her, she also hit back, and is quite hard, in front of my mum. My mum told me, what will happen if no one at home. After that i told my maid firmly, U cannot scold my sons and u cannot beat my sons, only me can!!! U only can tell me they do wrong, or tell them cannot do this or that, but not in a fierce tone.

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