Dong Zhi 2016

Today Alycia & Sherilyn went Christmas shopping with their grandma and two grandaunts.  Cass and I had Japanese for lunch with the hubs after sending my car to the Hyundai service center for repair.

So hungry was she that the moment the server placed the bento set on the table, she grabbed the potato salad and wolved it down within seconds!

We were pleasantly surprised when the manager of the Japanese restaurant brought out 3 bowls of ‘tang yuan’ and served us – on the house.

I am not a ‘tang yuan’ fan but these rice balls made ala Japanese were yums. The manager took the trouble to explain to me that the pink balls have strawberry puree mixed into the dough, the yellow balls were made with yuzu and the white ones were plain. The rice balls were chewy and delightful in light ginger soup.

We will have another round of ‘tang yuan’ later when the whole jingbang come back from the mall to start rolling the rice balls.

I’d like to wish all my readers “Happy Dong Zhi” and enjoy your holidays!  To my niece Raelyne – happiest 5th birthday and to my big brother Ray – happy blessed birthday.  See you all on Saturday!! 🎉🎉🎇🎇😍


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