Don’t You Think She’s Too Spoilt?

When daddy picked Alycia up from school one day last week, he asked her what she’d like to have for lunch. Of course, Alycia gladly said chicken rice, which was her favorite food and off daddy went to the nearby coffee shop to buy her chicken rice, knowing that there’s lunch prepared at home. Just then, I called daddy and reminded him that I had cooked fried glass noodles for the gals. Daddy then had to tell Alycia that she can’t have chicken rice as mummy had cooked fried noodles. When daddy brought Alycia home, she refused to alight from the car and started bawling. My maid had to drag her out from the car. When Alycia came into the house, she was scolding me, as if blaming me for thwarting daddy’s plan with her. She was crying and screaming for a good 15 minutes until daddy brought her out to the chicken rice shop and bought her a packet of chicken rice!

When daddy’s back, I told him that he is spoiling Alycia rotten this way. Whilst daddy is always the good guy who always accedes to the gals’ wimps and fancies, I am always seen as the bad guy and the disciplinarian. I reckon that this is one of the reasons why Alycia has been behaving so negatively towards me lately. Well, I think the incident yesterday had sort of ‘woken’ up daddy and made him realize that he just can’t continue spoiling Alycia, else she can really turn into a wayward child in no time. I can’t imagine what Alycia will turn into if I were still working and she’s left in the care of a babysitter or a childcare centre.

Alycia enjoying every spoonfull of her chicken rice.

The glass noodles that were not touched…. what a waste!

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7 thoughts on “Don’t You Think She’s Too Spoilt?

  1. hmm..yah i do agree with u, lucky daddy realise it. Kids nowadays are manipulative. Mine also same. she knows my MIL gives in to her, so she will manipulate and complain to her when she don’t get something :S

  2. Kids are really smart. They know who to look for when they want something. Have a talk with your hubby and work things out if this continues.

  3. Why is it that moms r always the bad guy? Probably coz we spend more time with them. If we dont discipline them, they won’t listen to us and nothing gets done.

  4. at least finally daddy woke up. i think it’s very easy & tempting to spoil our kids. mummies always end up being the bad person, but never mindlah, they will thank us later 🙂

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