Down But Not Totally Out

I am down with a bad strep throat and throbbing head, no thanks to all the vicious and ravenous virus lingering in our house. Everyone in the house was down with cold and strep throat for the past two weeks.  Sherilyn got it first and I think she must have gotten it from school or the tuition centre. Next was Alycia, Cass and the hubs.  When everyone is sick in the house, it is pretty hard to escape from those pesky virus, especially so if you get coughed at, sneezed at, puked at, goo-gooed and boogered at all the time! Oh yes, those wet kisses too. How can you say NO to kisses, hugs and I Love Yous?

The one distinct con of being a WFHM is that you have no sick leave and no annual leave. No perks and no remuneration package. The only non-monetary rewards you get are hugs, kisses, a good body massage (from the kids, not the hubs ok) and just seeing the kids growing healthily. Well, that was my choice 6.5 years ago.  My choice to leave the corporate world for good.  My choice to loose financial freedom, impulse shopping, the luxury of having 2 live-in maids, splurging on things which I did not even have to think twice. Do I have any regrets? Not exactly a NO but at least I know I will never have to worry about the kids whilst I am away in the office.  Did you read the news about the caucasian mother in Singapore who fainted when she came home to find her 3-month old baby boiled to death in a container? The maid boiled the baby.

Since I have zilch appetite to eat, I made a big pot of antioxidant-packed ‘purple soup’ today. My ‘purple soup’ consists of 1 huge beet root, half a head of organic purple cabbage, 6 carrots, a big chunk of lean pork and several chicken feet.


This was my lunch today and I could not be more satisfied with this bowl of goodness. I have just had a quick lunch of 2 hard-boiled eggs and this bowl of soup before I pick up Cass from school in a moment.

Now, who says that healthy food often tastes bland? This bowl of antioxidants-rich soup tasted so good and was full of sweetness from all the vegetables.

It is time for me to pick up Cass from school now.  My slavery begins the moment the kids are back!

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