Drunken Baby

After reading Vien’s post on her drunk Cassie, I thought I want to post one on my own drunk Cassie. Yes, our gals have the same name – Cassandra!

This is how Baby C normally looks after a session of mummy’s milkie……

The content smile….

and a drunken look…

But the moment Baby C is placed back in her crib, her eyes will be wide open and then she goes “eeee eeeee…… aaaaa aaaaa……” whining again for mummy’s breasts.

And she can never ever get enough of mummy’s milkie.

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10 thoughts on “Drunken Baby

  1. high 5! My baby Dylan is just like your Cassie…

    Don’t they just never get enough of mommy’s milk and the drunken look is so darn cute!

  2. She has huge eyes…so adorable like both jie jie. Too bad, when Shern was a newborn, he only wants mom’s milk IN A BOTTLE. how easy if baby can just drink straight from the source hor..

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