East Meets West In An Appalling Fashion

I told ya Sherilyn is full of cheeky and quirky ideas, very kwai mar and koo leng jeng kwai.  Mil cooked porridge last Sunday but this fler who doesn’t like porridge or rice found it a torture to swallow the porridge. I was trying to coax her to eat the porridge without using force, threat and the cane. Who likes to associate eating with these punishments, right? I asked her if she’d like to sprinkle some of her favorite Japanese seaweed onto her porridge but she said no.  Instead, this fler went to the fridge and fetched the packet of Parmesan grated cheese and sprinkled them on her porridge, eeewwww, what a horrible combination!  East meets West in an appalling fashion lol!    She insisted on sprinkling the cheese on her own and I let her have it her way.  When she was done, I put the packet of Parmesan cheese back into the fridge but wait…

… this fler fetched the packet of cheese from the fridge again and sprinkled them on the stir-fried red spinach…..

How novel was her creation hor?  At least this cili padi can think out of the box to make her meal more appealing though it was rather appalling, muahahahah….

But nope, she didn’t eat her food either but was sitting on the chair daydreaming, brought out her color pencils and coloring book and insisted that my maid fed her but I told my maid not to feed her. It was then that Alycia jie jie came to her rescue and fed her, haiyo……. so mah fun this fler.

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7 thoughts on “East Meets West In An Appalling Fashion

  1. ooo oh… so the porridge was wasted? u didnt try the taste meh?? maybe porridge n cheese can be a new taste..

    i wonder philip at sher age would be which type.. if like sher type.. then i will go gila..

  2. try to keep some chicken or pork meat floss at home . It’s handy to go with plain porridge . in this case ur Sher might enjoy sprinkling the floss on her porridge. Besides , dont u think the amount of cheese on her porridge was too much..& MSG???

  3. My gals love parmesan cheese too..they always whacked the parmesan cheese at Pizza hut with every thing they eat there..

    For porridge they would prefer the school’s porridge than mine, it is easier for me to feed them noodles over porridge.

    Try noodles see whether sherilyn eat or not?

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