Easy Way To Julienne Cabbage

I discovered something that will ease my kitchen chore yesterday. The discovery popped up in my head when I was trying to figure out a quick way to  wash, soak and julienne my 2 heads of cabbage without much mess and hassle. My girls and I love cabbage but I have always tried to avoid buying cabbage as I hate, simply hate cutting the cabbage into strips. I find it messy, especially in a shoe box size kitchen, with a micro mini counter top to work. But yesterday, at the ripe old age of a few days shy of 41 years old, I just realized that cooking a stir-fried cabbage dish can be so easy! LOL!   It’s true when they say that you grow wiser with age muahahaha!

All I had to do was to reverse the order of how I prepare the cabbage. For decades, I used to 1) remove leaves of cabbage 2) soak them in a basin  3) after few rounds of rinsing, julienne the cabbage into strips  4) whine and fuss how messy it is when cabbage strips and water drop on the kitchen floor   5) clean kitchen floor

Yesterday, I cut the cabbage head into half (BEFORE WASHING & SOAKING), as shown in below picture…

cabbage 1

Also, you have to cut off and discard stalk end. Remove any discoloured or wilted leaves and discard.
Cut each half in two again.

How to prepare cabbage : Photo of step #3
You will notice that there is a white hard stalk inside, so you cut that out too.
Then I julienned/cut the cabbage into thin strips. It is SO SO easy to julienne the cabbage when it is in its original form as the leaves are stuck tightly and neatly to each other, making the chopping job so much easier.

Once the chopping is done, use fingers to loosen the strips of cabbage leaves in a basin of water. I always wash 3 rounds before soaking the veggie for a few hours. I also use my fruits and veggie wash from Melaleuca to wash my veggie.

Drain water off the cabbage with a colander before stir-frying them.  Yesterday, I made a big portion of stir-fried cabbage with minced pork and egg sauce.  I kept one portion which will be my lunch today 😀

Cabbage slices

I know many of you already know this easy way to wash and cut your cabbage but if you are still as blur as a sotong like me and love eating cabbage, this method will help ease your cabbage cooking job a lot 🙂


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