Essential Oils May Spur Breasts In Boys and Other Health Issues

I was reading this month’s Reader’s Digest this morning when I read this article which may be of interest to mummies with boys. Here’s an excerpt of the article :

Use of lotions, soaps and shampoos containing high concentrations of lavender or tea tree oil may lead to breast growth in pre-pubescent boys, according to US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Pure lavender and tea tree oils can mimic the actions of oestrogen and inhibit the effects of androgen, the hormone known to control masculine characteristics, says Dr Derek Henley, one of the study’s lead researchers. If you use these products on your child and you see changes in his body, talk to your dr or paediatrician.

Scary isn’t it? There is also this current widespread scare of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), a relatively cheap chemical which produces suds in almost all the body shampoos, soaps and shampoos, which is cancer causing if used excessively. And then there is this recent report in the newspapers that some of the vegetables sold in our local markets are tainted with pesticides, fish tainted with mercury, diseased poultry and what not, tell me…. what are we to eat and what are we to bathe with? I guess back to basics….. use plain water to bathe lor, use natural oil from plants to smoothen on our skin, plant our own crops lor and rear our own fish and chicken lor, just like what our forefathers did decades back and lived till a ripe old age!

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