Every Part Of Her Reminds Me Of Something

Of my 3 kids, I think I have a softer spot for Baby, though I love all 3 very much. That’s because I have been through so much hardship and roller coaster rides with Baby and have seen how much my little trooper have suffered for the first 14 months of her life. Each time I dress Baby up, every part of her reminds me of something and makes me appreciates her more.

Her eyes – it reminds me that she had undergone a Chalazion eye surgery in March this year and I’m thankful to God that she still has her beautiful eyes.

Her chest – the little hole on the right of her chest reminds me that the surgeon had inserted a feeding tube through her chest to give her nutrients drips during her 3-week stay in the hospital in May last year.

Her abdomen – not a single day goes by without me looking at the 2 cuts on her belly. I thank God that Baby wasn’t taken away from me in May last year.

Her down under – it reminds me that she had to have catheter inserted into her down under almost every other month when she was a baby, for the nephrologist to collect her urine and for MCUG scans to be carried out.

Her chubby hands and feet – they remind me that her limbs were poked every month on end with jabs and catheters whenever she had UTI attacks for the first 14 months of her life.

Her noseΒ – reminds me that an NT tube was painfully inserted through her nostrils, direct into her stomach during her stay in the hospital last May.

I am thankful that she can walk and talk. I remember our doctors telling us that some of the antibiotics may leave adverse reactions like hindering her bones growth and I was so worried that all the medication would also impair her speech development. God has answered my prayers. Baby is one healthy girl now, THANK YOU LORD!

This fler finds it amusing to drink water from an empty yoghurt cup!

And she still flat lines my heart beat everyday with her stunts!

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20 thoughts on “Every Part Of Her Reminds Me Of Something

  1. what a great write up from a lovely mummy’t point of view….m sure when baby grown up, she will be greatful to read this and appreciate her mummy much much much more

  2. Baby C is also very special to me.. dunno why. I have this feeling.. Perhaps I saw her grow from reading ur blog..seeing her in surgery..then visiting you.. πŸ™‚

  3. god bless.

    she is one lucky girl and sigh makes me sad reading this post! but im glad she is having a very happy and healthy life now.

    you are a great mummy and remember thattt!!


  4. looks like baby c the blogger baby for most of us readers here. she definitely got a soft spot for most of us like most of the blogger said it; we saw her growing up here and we saw for ourselves what she went through at such a young age. baby c, i think when u’re in your teens and adulthood, these aunties will still call you baby c! πŸ˜‰

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