Exam Season

It’s that time of the year again, when I am stressed up again over Alycia and Sherilyn’s final exams. With so much to do with my online store and so little time left to get my beauty sleep, I have to squeeze out some time now to spend with them to do revision. Alycia does not have much problems, except for being really careless and not checking her work, though I have been reminding her umpteen times to check check check her work! With Sherilyn, I can be really suicidal each time I set Math questions for her and see the output from her. I get so pissed with teaching her that my zits have popped out. Eeeeyerrrr, this morning I saw some big ‘stress-produced zits’ appearing on my face! Just don’t understand this girl. I have been teaching her the same thing over a zillion times for over a year yet she can still get her concepts all mixed up!! Maybe I should send her to some Math classes like Kumon or Enopi. Which one is fun and not boring can someone tell me? This girl needs something that is fun and colorful and not the boring classroom type of lessons.

Anyway to give due fairness to Sherilyn, I do think that the Math questions for 6-year olds from her pre-school is a tad difficult. It has the same level of difficulty for Year 2 pupils.  In fact,  Alycia is doing these sums in school now.

Do you think this is too difficult for 6-year olds? Teaching Sherilyn these sums are taking years of my life away from me prematurely!

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15 thoughts on “Exam Season

  1. Enopi and Kumon are very worksheet-based but Enopi’s worksheets are more bright and appealing to kids.

    Why don’t you check out a trial class at Math Monkey?Kids learn through play instead of sitting down throughout the entire session of the class…

  2. Very difficult hor. I know that Kumon is very academic and bored. Need to do many exercise either at class or home, they need to record down their timing too. Maybe you can check the Math Monkey as they claim that they are using fun activity to teach math.

  3. That’s tough ! I also think my boy’s 5 y.o maths very tough. Maybe kids learn this in their kindy years will help them when they enter primary later?

  4. That’s hard. Cant imagine Rowena doing them!! both Kumon and Enopi have its advantages, but i personally prefer Enopi as the worksheets are brighter and has more pictures. They also have a section on critical thinking which i like and the girls enjoy too. I have seen kids that have done Kumon who are excellent in Maths and can do sums very fast, but they do sometimes face difficulty when it comes to problem solving. The critical thinking part in Enopi helps with that. Also, with Kumon, you need to time them when they do their worksheets at home (which of course, I am too lazy to do). Harvynna enjoys Enopi and diligently does all her homework. Rowena’s interest has dropped and does not do the homework except for Crifical thinking. So, i guess, it would depend on the individual child.I hear Math Monkey is lots of fun

  5. Yes! It is definitely hard for a 6 year old. But, my boy also doing the same syllabus now. There is even multiplication and division. *headache*

  6. Holy Moly.. That’s 6 year old level? Pengsan!

    But the positive side is, you can have a little breather when she goes Primary at least she already know the basic.

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