Expelling Phlegm

Poor Baby C has a huge built-up amount of phlegm stuck in her throat. Her cough sounds chesty and ‘phlegmy’. Each time she coughs, she will cry as the phelgm will be stuck in her throat and irritating her, to the point of making her puke.

Yesterday, my mil put Baby C on her tummy on her lap and then ‘beat’ Baby C’s back with her cupped palm, similar to how you would burp a baby. This is supposed to induce the phlegm out.

Baby C was feeling much better since last night. She could sleep through the night without coughing and with no stuffy nose.   That’s the power of mama’s power-boosting and immunity-boosting milkie!

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22 thoughts on “Expelling Phlegm

  1. Yes, that is a good way to expel phlegm. You can also jiggle her upper back gently, followed by the soft patting. I have asthma and always have a lot of phlegm so when this happens, the hubs will do that and it really, really helps to make me feel more comfortable. This is an emergency movement by physiotherapists when a patient cant breath due to phlegm congestion.

  2. hello, came across ur blog…wat ur milis did is loosen up the phelgm so she can either cough it up or swallow it. physiotherapist does this as well. u can add a layer of towel inbetween to soften the blow

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