Family Vacation

August is only days away. I can’t wait for August to arrive because towards the end of the month, we will bring Baby C back to the hospital in Penang for an MCUG scan to see if she still has kidney reflux. I am a tad anxious that Baby C has to go through another traumatic procedure. After all that we had gone through recently, the MCUG scan seems so much less intimidating comparatively but it is still going to hurt when the doctor inserts a catheter into Baby C’s down under for the dye to be injected. I am really anxious of the results. What if Baby C still has kidney reflux? I can only pray that all will go well and my prayers will be answered. Anyway, I am looking forward to our trip to Penang next month as my parents and 2 older girls will also join in the trip. It’s going to be like a family vacation for us. Of course, it’s nothing like a beach vacation at the Mexican Riviera Maya and a stay at one of those luxurious Karisma Hotels but still, I know we will enjoy our simple and short vacation in Penang. Our vacation in the Mexican Riviera Maya will have to wait.

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