First Anniversary Of Cassandra’s Surgeries

Today marks the first anniversary of my sweetie-pie’s first surgery, a complicated 5-hour Ureteral Reimplantation surgery. For the past 1 week, I really cannot help but keep reminiscing the days leading to her first ever surgery exactly a year ago. As I browsed through my picture folder this morning and viewed the pix of Baby and me in the hospital last year, my heart felt twitches and jabs, as if someone was poking a recovering wound. The pix of Baby (then 13 months old) lying on the hospital bed listlessly with a bunch of tubes and wires all over her body brought back a lot of unpleasant memories.

Exactly a year ago at this time, I was in the OT room with Baby, with her in my arms. I will never forget the moment when the anesthetist administered the GA through the IV catheter and I watched my baby knocked off into a deep sleep within seconds. Placing her on the hard metal OT bed was the most painful and emotional thing for me thus far. I kissed her on the forehead and said “God please bring Cassandra back to me safely”….

Baby was poked more than a dozen times all over her hands and feet during the 3 weeks hospital stay for purpose of insertion of the IV catheter. Each time the IV catheter was inserted, her hand or foot would turn swollen the following day, thus the almost-daily re-insertion of the IV catheter. The most painful and traumatizing moment for me was when I saw how the nurse wrongly inserted the nasal gastric tube through Baby’s nostril direct into her throat and stomach late one night, which caused her immense pain as that was done without any GA or LA. Baby was in so much pain and trauma that she her body turned frozen for a moment, she bawled and puked green stuff all over. The tube was removed and re-inserted by the surgeon the same night! When Baby returned to her room, she was shivering profusely and her temperature shot up.

Over a hundred pix were snapped during our 3 weeks stay in the hospital. I just could not bring myself to finish viewing those pix.

Here is just one of the pix. It was taken on the 2nd day post-op on 6 May 2009. There were tubes all over her frail tiny body. 

Dear Lord, I pray that Cassandra never ever have to go through another surgery in her life ever again. Amen.

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21 thoughts on “First Anniversary Of Cassandra’s Surgeries

  1. I am crying reading this so I am sure it hurts you even more. But look on the bright side, that is already in the past and she’s now a happy chirpy little girl who can sometimes drive you nuts :-).

  2. It really breaks my heart reading through what little Baby C had to go through at such a young age. God chose you because He knows you can be strong enough to support her.

    What the others say is true. Now all that is the past already. What is more important now is the future. From all your love and tender care, I can see Baby C growing up to be a beautiful, happy little girl, albeit a little mischievious.


  3. Hugs and kisses to Cassandra!

    It broke my heart when I read this post and I recalled last yr at this time I shedded so much tears too.

    Shireen, you are a great mum! Let the past be past and let those heart-breaking pictures stay in the folder sealed with prayers.. Cassandra is a special girl God send you. Just treasure her as you go along and the past will not matter anymore..

    Take care and my best wishes to you!

    Happy Mother’s day!

  4. She’s looking so good now. If I were you, I’d stash that photo album (hardcopy or softcopy) as far away as possible!

    Unless it’s a medical requirement that you keep track, I wouldn’t even dedicate an anniversary to it…

  5. aww…u nearly made my eyes teary!! hug hug
    me too wish that yr baby will never hv to go thru this in her life anymore. wish her healthiness….
    happy mother’s day to you too 😀

  6. Oh my, yes that was also the first time I read your blogs and my heart crushed each time her pics were shown. If I felt that much pain reading your posts, I cannot imagine hers and yours.

    Thank goodness she is one healthy baby now. She is very much under God’s care.

    Your mother’s day this year will be celebrated in a big way I’m sure…have a great one this weekend!

  7. my heart also sakit seeing and reading abt bbC. Thank God all those were history!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. can’t read your words too…its too horrible experience for a little baby. must take good care of her now, and hope she will be pink in health all time.

  9. Don’t force yourself to look thru the photos if you can’t, Shireen. What matters most is that Cassandra is doing fine now. Reading your post seriously made my cry. You are a strong mom and keep up the good work! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Shireen!

  10. I felt sad reading the incident that Baby C had to go through last year. Glad that she is now healthy. You are indeed a supermom. Happy Mother Day to you, Shireen.

  11. Praise the Lord everything turned out and she is a healthy somewhat mischievous but adorable kid! makes Mother’s day ever so special this w/e! Enjoy!

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