Fish bolognaise pasta

I whipped up this meal for Baby last week – fish bolognaise pasta and she LOVED it.  I had only intended to cook this for Baby but it turned out that my 2 older gals loved them too. Next time, I shall cook this for everyone.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids enjoy my creations.

I chopped up 2 medium sized organic tomatoes and 1 medium sized big onion.  Then brown them in olive oil for about 5 minutes in a non-stick pan.  With the spatula, push them to the side of the pan. Then lightly brown the fish which I had earlier marinated with some sea salt and McCormick mixed herbs for about 5 minutes.  I also added 2 teaspoons of Leggo’s bolognaise sauce.

While I cooked the above, my maid boiled the Heinz ABCs, 123s pasta in another pot.

Here’s Baby’s fish bolognaise with ‘tau kok lup’ — one bowl is for lunch and another for dinner….

While my maid and I cooked inside the dry kitchen, my mil cooked  ‘tau kok lup’ in the kitchen outside.  She also cooked a pot of sweet potato porridge.  The ‘tau kok lup’ is to go with the sweet potato porridge. ‘Tau kok lup’ is made up of chicken breast, long beans, carrots, dried mushrooms, preserved dried radish, shrimps – all cut up into small cubes. My mil also toasted some peanuts in the oven to toss them over the ‘tau kok lup’. This is another hit with the kids, me inclusive!

I cooked extra portions, put them into small containers and deep freeze them.  These will be handy on Sundays when I don’t have the time to cook.

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12 thoughts on “Fish bolognaise pasta

  1. Its my fault. I hardly give my brat any food other than main meals, so he now just loves kuey teow theng! Rice, so so. Pasta or spaghetti … hardly tried it. But now I got my own kitchen, will try to be adventurous on weekends!

  2. Oh……u mixed with pasta sauce? How old was baby C when u started doing so? I sometimes add a spoonful of tomato ketchup but not sure if I can do so since he is still below 2

  3. Lynette…deep freezing means putting the food in the freezer. I normally use up the baby food in a week, I don’t like keeping them too long in the freezer. But for other cooked food, freezing keeps food for a very long time. It gets freezer burnt and just isn’t tasty anymore. I would say six months tops.

    Shir Lin… I only started feeding Baby with pasta sauce recently. The pasta sauce that I use is Leggo. It’s free from preservative, coloring and flavoring. It’s also not salty at all and I don’t get the thirsty feeling aftermath. I guess a little of everything is ok. Key is moderation, right 🙂 ?

  4. I cook the tau kok lup very often too… It’s also nice with some peeled fresh corn… adds more colour to it too

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