Food’s The Great Motivator

That’s Alycia’s mid-morning snack in school today. It’s toasted black sesame and wheatgerm bread (2 slices) with boiled chicken ham (I only buy deli meat once in a blue moon coz it’s not very healthy), cheese and crispy seaweed.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Alycia has extra Mandarin class after school from 11:45am – 12:45pm. So on these days, I’ll prepare something more filling for her like sandwiches or fried meehoon (put inside a tiny Thermos flask).  Her lunch box is something that motivates her to go to school coz she just loves eating!

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5 thoughts on “Food’s The Great Motivator

  1. u have to prepare lunch box for Alycia? School don prepare snack for them? U know what, i just realised becoz of eating, qi doesnt wanna go to school anymore. but no idea what happened there.

  2. Chin Nee… Aly’s pre-school provides snacks but not very healthy snacks – cream filled biscuits, Honey Stars, cream filled and colored cakes and breads, etc. So, Health Freak Mommy prepares her own healthy snacks 🙂

  3. that’s surely a home made bread. looks delicious. no wonder it gets Alycia to school everyday. good job mom. if only i’m half as health conscious as you. shame on me.

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