FREE Give-Away of Ecover Cleaning Products!

This was what we had for dinner last night – stir-fried egg noodles with fish cake slices, meat slices, cabbage and fried eggs.   The girls savored  their oodles of yummy noodles to the very last strand! After dinner, they had to help to wash the dishes and clean up the dining area.  Our part-time helper could not come yesterday, thus the MIL dished out something simple at home.

homecooked egg noodles 27 jun 2014



I am so thankful that someone had just couriered 2 bottles of environmentally-friendly dishwashing liquid to me just a few days ago. With Ecover’s gentle dishwashing liquid,my girls helped to wash the dishes without the need for wearing rubber gloves yesterday night! 🙂

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So what’s so special about Ecover dishwashing liquid?

Since 1980, Ecover is the world’s best known brand of environmentally friendly household cleaning products. Ecover is powered by nature and produces cleaners derived from plants and minerals. This means its products are free from harsh and sometimes harmful chemicals, that may cause dry skin and blisters to the skin.

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After using Ecover dishwashing liquid, my hands did not have the ‘tight’ and dry feeling.  That’s because  Ecover products are dermatologically tested and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Ecover products are made in Belgium and the bottles are made from sugar cane-based  polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. Their eco surfactants have been tested to provide powerful cleaning with complete biodegradability and low toxicity. A win for us and for Mother Nature!

After the girls were done with the dishes, I used Ecover cream cleaner (similar to Jif but without the harsh chemicals and overpowering smell) to wash the kitchen sinks, without the need for wearing rubber gloves!  The cream cleaner is almost free from fragrance, which I like!  I am allergy to the overpowering smell of most bathroom and household cleaning products as they choke me up and make me feel dizzy when I inhale them.  But with Ecover, cleaning is just a breeze 🙂

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Are you starting to turn green with envy with my free IMPORTED cleaning products from Ecover? 😉
Envy not as Ecover is now having a GIVE-AWAY!!   YES, FREE Ecover products for 3 lucky winners!!

1st lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of lemon & aloe vera washing up liquid (dishwashing liquid) worth RM18.90
2nd lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of camomile and marigold washing upliquid (dishwashing liquid) worth RM18.90 and
3rd lucky winner gets to receive one bottle of cream cleaner worth RM12.80

How Do You Stand A Chance To Win?

All you have to do is to comment in this post with a slogan (not more than 100 words) as to why you deserve a bottle of Ecover dishwashing liquid or cream creamer.

Closing date for submission of slogan is 23 July 2014 and I shall announce the winners in a separate blog post.

Hurry submit your slogans now. Just click on ‘Leave A Comment’ to type out your e-slogan.  Each reader is  allowed to submit only one slogan ya.

Good luck! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “FREE Give-Away of Ecover Cleaning Products!

  1. I am an Eco-freak and am always on the lookout for environmentally friendly products.
    My slogan is “With Ecover, I can help the Earth recover”

  2. I am glad more and more environmental friendly products are in the market. I will continue my support by buying products are that chemical free. I hope to receive a bottle of dishwashing liquid or cream creamer that will suit my fussy hands.

  3. Ecover makes washing up easier, my hands will feel softer and best of all, it’s environmentally friendlier to make everyone feel happier!

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