FREE Sample of Ecover Dishwashing Liquid

I have a piece of GOOD NEWS to share!

For those with sensitive hands and to those who did not win in the recent Ecover Give-away, here’s a chance for you to get your free Ecover’s dish washing liquid!

The branding agency that I normally work with for product give-away informed me that they have gotten their hands on some 100gm sample packs of Ecover’s dish washing liquids.

So if you are interested to get a bottle of sample for yourself, your friend or your family members, all you have to do is hop over to the link below and fill out a simple and short online form:

That’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy right?

The redemption period will be until 31 August 2014 and there are only  about 30 sample packs specially reserved for my readers. I am so excited to share these samples – they are miniature tubs, in  the shape of the normal sizes.

Since 1980, Ecover is the world’s best known brand of environmentally friendly household cleaning products. Ecover is powered by nature and produces cleaners derived from plants and minerals. This means its products are free from harsh and sometimes harmful chemicals, that may cause dry skin and blisters to the skin.

Ecover products are made in Belgium and the bottles are made from sugar cane-based polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. Their eco surfactants have been tested to provide powerful cleaning with complete biodegradability and low toxicity. A win for us and for Mother Nature!

Don’t let this opportunity to try out this super mild dish washing liquid slip away again.  Quick hop over to the link above to request for a bottle.

And I need a favor from those who are requesting for a sample to please leave a comment here to let me know that you are interested.   Thank you!







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