Fridge All Locked Up

My 2 brats love to open the doors of the fridge and freezer to get their frozen teething rings or to rummage for food. In a day, they open and shut (with loud bangs) at least 20 over times. Not wanting them to wreck the fridge again, I fixed these gadgets to the doors :

Now, I have piece of mind!

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9 thoughts on “Fridge All Locked Up

  1. Girlie… oh yes they did ask & i didnt even hv to explain to them when they saw me sticking the locks there coz when they kept opening & banging the doors for weeks, I’d already threatened them that I will install locks to the doors. Now, they know mummy means business, haha..

  2. guess what? we did that too. but don’t know how little monsters managed to remove the double sided tape leh. two mr. incredible we have here.
    but as for your sweety pies, i think that lock will work well. so how if they want somethin from the fridge? ask for permit from mom first? or just ask kakak to open?

  3. Leena… my gals are just as destructive as the 2 boys in ur hse. My 2 terrors (esp Sher) had already pulled off the lock and yesterday, i had to paste the double sided tape back. They dont ask for permission, they invade!

  4. What do you have in your fridge that makes it so tempting for them to want to open it all the time???

  5. i think every kids like to open fridge or cabinet, i spend a lot to buy all those lock and tape it but also cant last for 1 day. if come to worst, i will get a new fridge with a lock itself. haha!

    fyi, my new house kitchen cabinet and fridge is without handle, i think they cant open it easily…but i am wrong 🙁

  6. Haven’t really encountered this problem yet. My brat does open the fridge.. but only for her milky.

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