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My dad has been making his own fruit enzyme liquid to be used as cleansing agent for years. During our recent trip back to Ipoh, I found that the fruit enzyme cleans oily dishes very effectively, so I asked my mum for some of their fruit enzyme cleaner. The fruit enzyme is to be mixed together with a little dishwashing liquid. Dad mixes about 1 part dishwashing liquid to about 4 -5 parts water and stores the liquid in a used transparent shampoo bottle with pump.  He uses it to clean bathrooms too.

This is how dad prepared the fruit enzyme for me to bring back to KL.

Back in Oct 2011, after a collection of lemon and orange peel (these 2 fruit peels smell fresher and more invigorating than other fruits – you can use grapefruit too), he mixed the peel with some sugar and water.  He prefers white sugar as white sugar will produce enzyme that is light colored while brown sugar produces brownish and dark colored enzyme which does not look pleasant.  He mixed the concoction in a large plastic tub and labelled the cap with date.  The fermentation process takes 3 months.

This is how the fermented fruit peel looks like and now dad has to filter it.

Filter your enzyme solution with a piece of cheesecloth or a fine strainer.

He then pours the enzyme into a used and cleaned orange cordial bottle. Now I have a large bottle, that can last me till my next trip to Ipoh in December

Wait, he does not throw the fermented fruit peel away. He recycles it as compost for my mum’s potted herbs!

My parents’ humble and fertile garden. There was once a rambutan tree, mango trees and several papaya trees but all were chopped down after they were inflicted with some kind of plant disease. All the trees bore us lots of sweet fruits for years. Now there are still pandan leaves, cili padi plants, lemon grass, green ginger and my mum’s whole range of herbs, which she uses to cook and infuses healthy tea for herself. She also uses the herbs to self treat minor ailments.

Alycia pointing to a green cili padi.

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7 thoughts on “Fruit Enzyme Cleaner

  1. I heard of the fruit enzyme and some say it can clean your vege too, and keep the flies and insect away. I agree with your dad that the brown sugar makes the enzyme looks yucky and dirty.

    I have asked my aunt to spare me some once hers is ready. Oh, you forgot to mention that you need to open the bottle every now and then during the fermentation process to let the gas out.

  2. Shireen, lol!!! I can’t too myself. When Kakak was around, those were mainly to wash the bathroom. Now the new cleaner use it to mop the floor. very nice smell after moping the whole house.

    Sometimes I am applying it on my itchy fingers (sometimes i have lil red spots that is very itchy). It relieves the itchiness very well. A friend of mine add it to her shampoo!

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