Good Shanghainese Food

We had Shanghainese food at Dragon I Restaurant, Mid Valley a couple of days ago.

Let me tempt you with pix of the mouth-watering dishes :

‘Siu Loong Pau’ or pork meat filled dumplings with superior soup, to be eaten with black vinegar and shredded ginger. I love!

I don’t really know the name of this dessert but it’s filled with melted butter and salted duck’s eggs. Very rich and creamy and definitely a no-no for dieters but I loved it anyway.

Stir fried four-season beans with minced pork meat and mushroom. Another of my favourite.

Fried hand-made ‘pulled’ noodles with pork meat, mushrooms and chinese cabbage. Don’t really fancy it coz it’s high in carbo but Alycia and Sherilyn adored it.

Deep fried taro with radish as filling. Very tasty but again, a no-no for dieters coz it’s high in carbo.

Rice with steweded chicken, chinese sausages and abalone in claypot. Nothing to shout about, I can cook a much tasty dish, aherm……

The gals enjoying their fried ‘pulled’ noodles. Even Ms Spitty Spat Sherilyn loved it and finished her bowl of noodles without spitting.

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20 thoughts on “Good Shanghainese Food

  1. wow….that’s a lot of food eh? so yummy too…i don’t think i can eat those for now..hehehe..i’ve been to dragon-i once at centerpoint….hubby didn’t really enjoy so no more 2nd time 😀

  2. Hey, I have FIVE of those Rubbermaid animal tumblers, can you believe it? This monkey never likes to drink so we have to play games with her….say the elephant very sad today cuz nobody is drinking from him. Or the tiger has stomach ache so Tee needs to suck the poison out to make it feel better. Sei mou!

    BTW, you’ve been tagged again. Same as Malaika’s Mommy – 8 facts bout moi.

  3. you’re successful! you made me drool ^_^

    i love watching how they do pulled noodles, it amazes me.

  4. Big Pumpkin… same case here. I have about 10 water tumblers for the gals coz last time they didnt like to drink water but whenever I got them new tumblers, they would be crazy over the new tumblers and start sucking and drinking from them. When they got bored with one tumbler, I kept it and took out another tumbler and the process goes on. Now, both my gals hv no prob drinking water and love water.

    Girlie…i love watching the chefs pull those noodles too, more than eating the noodles itself 🙂

  5. shireen – it amazes us right. aidan doesn’s drink he water too but with new and exciting tumblers or bottles…hmm, he can drink lots till he needs to go to the toilet umpteen times 🙂
    and i recognize those ikea cutlery sets anywhere! I have a set of them 🙂

  6. Hi! First time here. Always see you commented on a few blogs. So just drop by.

    We always go to the one in Centrepoint, not so cramp. Never been to the MV one before though. My boy loves the mee there and we love the fried taro.

    You have two lovely girls. And I can see that your two girls gap are quite close too.

  7. Sweetpea… the Ikea cutlery set was from the restaurant. We also hv a set at home and they are part of the gals’ masak-masak set. The knives and forks are too sharp so I’ve since hid them 🙂

    Khong Family… tks 4 dropping by. My gals’ age gap is only 14 mths.

  8. i agree w u, the food is yummy there…i like their cold chicken too! the girls like to see the noodle maker making noodles.

  9. Leena… belongs to the restaurant lar but know what, i also have a set of the gals’ cutleries, scissors, bowls and cups in our big outing bag, just in case the restaurants don’t hv clean ones, then i can use them. Health freak or not?

  10. Hi HFM–just wanted to let you know I’ve put up a link to your blog. Thanks for having mine on yours (smile). That’s very nice of you.

  11. Once I had the tastiest xiao long bao, the filling was hot broth and it just melted into my mouth when I bit it.

  12. Cherry… yup, gotta be really careful when u eat the siu loong pau coz I also scalded my tongue a few times when I ate them hastily, haha… greedy!

    Girlie… i am ok. I was just a wee bit tired and sleepy yesterday as I keep getting interrupted sleep from Alycia for the last few nites. She kept waking up at ungodly hours and demanding that I go sleep with her in her room.
    I am truly touched by your concern! Thanks :hugs:

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