Happy Weekend Peeps!

Here is yet another Bento set for this week for the girls…

Sushi bread. I replaced the vinegar Japanese rice with wholemeal walnut bread. Fillings are the same – ultra thin crispy fried eggs, Japanese cucumber and a spread of mayo.  Starter was organic papaya and dessert – organic purple and yellow corn tortilla chips, washed down with a bottle of less-sugar Vitagen.

Happy weekend peeps! My hubs and I will be attending a reunion of my alma mater mates, the first ever after having left school 21 years ago (I had to use the calculator to count how long I had left school LOL!). It’s going to be a big event, held at a restaurant at the roof top of Lot 10. I’m pretty excited to meet all my old classmates and school mates of MGS Ipoh, many of whom I have not crossed path with for 21 years!

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