Haze Is Back Again

Bummer, bummer, bummer, the haze is back again! I just don’t understand what’s it with our government. Why aren’t they taking any effective measures to prevent the haze from coming back? Each time the haze is back, I would read from the newspapers that the government is taking measures to prevent the haze but why is the haze still coming back time and again, year after year? It looks like the visiting of the haze to our country is a yearly affair and this has been happening for more than a decade and for as long as I can remember. Each time our country is shrouded by the haze, tourists will also shun away from our country. I’d shun away from a haze-shrouded country too and choose to visit a country with fresh and clean air. Right now, I am dreaming of some Las Vegas vacations to escape from my lung-choking country!

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