Health Freak Mommy is 3 Years Old!

Exactly 3 years ago, I first started out blogging as a bored to tears SAHM. For someone who is really IT-challenged, it really wasn’t easy for me to create a blog. I started everything from scratch, registered myself in a dozen of forums, read every article there was on Blogger, on SEO and codes (reading codes for the first time was like reading Greek) and many, many sleepless nights later, I was a happy and content blogger. A few months later, I was a very proud blogger who blogs for money too. I felt a sense of achievement that I could earn a little moolah albeit being a ‘wong meen por’ (aka as yellow skin lady /  housewife in Cantonese ). Times were good then and I used to earn a few thousand bucks from writing ads.  I couldn’t be happier but that didn’t last for long when we were all hit cruelly by the global recession.

When I first started out blogging, I was obsessed with the number of hits / visitors to my blog. I was so fanatical about the stats that I would check on them every single day. Those were the days when I was a greenhorn in the blogosphere.  I have not been checking the stats for this blog for almost a year. Last night I decided to check my blog stats and I was bowled over when I saw the numbers there. I could not believe my eyes when I read that I have been getting an average of 24,000 visits a month to my dot com blog for the past 2 months and an average unique visitors of 11,000 per month!  Here’s the summary of the stats for the month of March 2010:

Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits
Viewed traffic * 11580 24392
(2.1 visits/visitor)
(2.19 Pages/Visit)
(12.01 Hits/Visit)
Not viewed traffic *

I can only thank you and you and you for being a loyal reader of my blog. You may ask why I am so fanatical about the stats. Well, it plays a contributing factor to the Google PR of my blog. After 3 years, this blog is now a PR2. Had it not been the ads in this blog, I am confident that the Google PR would even be higher.

Ok, PR aside (this ain’t that important to me anymore), I would like to say from the bottom of my heart to all my readers for dropping by my blog to read the nonsense that I write. Thank you so much!

No. of times viewed = 685

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10 thoughts on “Health Freak Mommy is 3 Years Old!

  1. I still think the Google PR is very bias and they ban ads link from other company but not their own.

    As long as I still can earn from ads, who cares about PR…hehehehe.

  2. I remember when we first started out. Hey, you work so hard that you deserve EVERYTHING that you get. 10,000 unique visitors a month puts you in the Celebrity Blogger league. Now, you’re out of my league already! I’ve got to catch up! Congratulations dear….. Really amazing work, and I reiterate, you really deserve it.

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