Genetic High Cholesterol

Ok, I have genetic high cholesterol 🙁

My doctors told me that it would be really, really difficult to bring down the cholesterol reading however hard I alter my diet and exercise. I could be stick thin and eat nothing but green veggies and exercise 2 hours a day, but my cholesterol reading would still be slightly high.  My younger brother who is a fitness buff with 6 packs also has high cholesterol, all in the name of genetic 🙁

How unfair can life be!

Oh well. Nothing is fair in life.  Like, why do some people who lead a healthy lifestyle still get cancer?

For all the hard work I put into my diet and exercise regimen for the past 8 months, my cholesterol reading has gone done a wee bit. And that’s without medication. Only with supplements like fish oil, hydrogen water and carotenoids. That’s why I am pushing myself to swim 24-26 laps on top of brisk walking for 15 minutes, 5 mornings in a week. Exercise is important to bring down cholesterol. And I am about 80% vegan now. I  can’t give up on meat totally now as I am slightly anemic.  I have a fibroid in my uterus that causes heavy menstruation each month. I need meat to supply me with the iron.  No doubt I can ditch the meat and eat red beans, spinach and other iron-rich veggies but it is hard when I have carnivorous kids.  I am still training them to go easy on meat and they are aware that too much meat is too taxing on their innards, besides all the growth hormones and antibiotics that go into the animal feed, which eventually end up inside our bodies.

These days, my meals compose of mainly greens, whole grains, nuts, seeds and fiber.

This is my breakfast today…

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A packet of hydrogen water, high fiber cereal with added organic oats, organic chia seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts and skim milk drizzled with extra virgin coconut oil and a squirt of palm sugar syrup to give me the oomph.

Lunch was half a punnet of organic raw alfalfa and broccoli sprouts with apple cider vinegar and roasted sesame dressing and a quarter bowl of Ipoh ‘kai see hor fun’ (shredded chicken flat noodles), which I shared with Cass.

Thankfully I love this kind of meal. And hardly do I crave for nasi lemak, ‘char koay teow’ or other oily fried foods. Heck, I don’t even miss my most favorite food in the world – durian! From queen of musang king, I am surprised that I can even go cold turkey on durians. Yes, I can’t believe that during the last durian season, I wasn’t even craving for it. See how powerful our mind is?!   I believe that we can condition our mind and taste bud to eat healthily. If I can do it, so can you 😉



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6 thoughts on “Genetic High Cholesterol

  1. My cholesterol level is also on the high side, the reading was at 5.81 last sunday, due to lack of exercise and improper diet. I was told that we have to eat according to our blood type, still not so sure how true it is. Hope you could get your cholesterol level down with the diet you are having.

    1. Hi Agnes, if your parents don’t hv high cholesterol, then yours is not genetic high cholesterol and it should be easy for you to bring it down by altering your lifestyle. Good luck to the both of us! 😀

  2. Love this post! I suffer from a condition where my intestines are chronically inflamed, so there are lots of “unhealthy” foods that I can’t eat. I’m 16 years old and I manage my own daily diet which mainly consists of cereals, nuts, fruits and salad greens. Obviously I do occasionally miss having cakes, fried and spicy foods when other people are eating them, but I guess I just have to stick to what’s right for my body and gut! 🙂

      1. Hi Health Freak Mommy!
        My chronic intestinal inflammation is caused by Crohn’s Disease – it’s an autoimmune disease where my immune system is over-reactive – it mistakes my digestive tract as a foreign part of my body and attacks it, causing inflammation. The cause of Crohn’s is still not properly understood.
        Also, there is no cure for Crohn’s, but there are medications that you take for the rest of your life to control the inflammation. Examples of these are anti-inflammatory drugs and immunosuppressants (typically used to prevent rejection after organ transplant)

        1. Hi Catherine
          I suppose you are not taking any meds for it?
          Most doctors will advise not to take supplements. If you are in Malaysia, you may want to give Izumio and Super Lutein a try.
          The ingredients of both Super Lutein and Izumio are of a very minute molecular form which can be absorbed easily by all organs including eyes and there are no parts of the ingredients that will cause any side effects to the human body.
          Masato Sakai, a cancer survivor in Japan and consumer of both Izumio & SL — he not only had Colon Cancer, but it had spread to his anus, his bladder and he also had Prostate Cancer. He beat cancer and is still alive till today.. and consuming both the products! My upline met him recently during a Naturally Plus Conference.

          I sure hope you will be able to control the flare up with your healthy diet. Sometimes our ailments could be a blessing in disguise. We can only see God’s plan much later. Take care, girl 🙂

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