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I have been kissed by some bugs that the drama queen brought back from either school or the enrichment centre.  She has been having flu (not the full-blown kind that warrants sick leave) for quite some time already and just don’t seem to get better.  I am now suspecting that she has sinus.

Anyway, since I have no appetite to eat anything that is oily, I whipped up my kind of health freak meals  for myself for breakfast and lunch today.

Here’s my lunch consisting of sprouted alfalfa, avocado, cucumber slices, a boiled free-range chicken egg, baked cashew nuts and macadamia nuts, raw pumpkin seeds, seasoned seaweed  and some homemade fried onions that I have in the fridge.  The fried onions (non-oily) imparted such an intense flavor to the bowl of raw veggies. Very flavorsome and refreshing indeed!

Breakfast of sugar-free skinny yoghurt, baked cashew nuts, raw pumpkin seeds, ground raw hazelnuts,  seasoned seaweed and a drizzle of palm sugar (gula melaka syrup).  I know you are about to think how weird the combo is but let me tell you that my bowl of healthy yoghurt gave  me so much comfort. Very soothing and cooling on my scratchy throat. This is definitely the food for a lackluster soul!

I hope the girls and I don’t fall sick. We have 2 more weeks before our New Zealand trip. We don’t want to be quarantined upon arrival in NZ, knowing how strict that country is! So from today onwards, there will be strictly no deep fried food and no spicy food 🙂




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