Hectic Day

I am still up at this crazy ungodly hour at 1ish am. I had planned to put Baby to sleep at 1030pm, then wake up to finish off 2 online assignments, reply my customers’ emails, shoot out invoices and to check my 3 bags full of stock but I dozed off and only woke up at 1230am. Have just finished off the 2 online assignments and answered some of the emails but I shall only check my stock tomorrow. Sigh, when will my work ever end?? Thank God my mil is back from HK yesterday. At least there’s someone to take care of the cooking, entertain the kids, trim the kids finger & toe nails (LOL!) and my Mandarin tutor is back! The other day my hubs had to bring Alycia down to the Japanese restaurant to ask the owner to guide Alycia in her homework. All our friends who know Mandarin were unavailable at that time. This made me feel that I have done the right thing of sending Alycia to a Chinese school. I still regret not knowing how to read, write and converse in Mandarin. Had I known, I could have dealt directly with those suppliers from China.

Ok, gotta hit the sack now. It’s almost 2am now. Long day tomorrow, I mean today….

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7 thoughts on “Hectic Day

  1. incredible la you…I will get headache the next day if I stay up late the night before. I have to sacrifice my blogging time to sleep earlier ever since Crystal started Primary 1 this year. But I still envy you for the fact that you are able to work from home and manage your own business..keep up and take care!

  2. Hi, have came to your blog numerous time but did not leave any comment.

    You are really a super mama. I’m a full time working mum to 2. When I put both kids to sleep (around 8.30pm) I thought maybe I can continue to do my things when they slept. Unfortunately, I always dosed off. Sometimes, I left things undone too….but when I woke up, it was already midnight…so I decided to continue sleeping. haha….too tired.

  3. No matter how busy you are..take good care of your health and have enough rest.

    I also NO NOTHING to mandarin.and I will have a big headache to guide my boy on his mandarin homework when he start schooling next time.

  4. hey. you sounded busier than a full time working mum. Indeed, knowing another language does come in handy but it also means a “broader” workscope. ie. gotta assume the role of a translator too…take good care

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