Hectic Life For A 7-Year Old

Wednesdays are always very hectic for Sherilyn. By the time she reaches home from school, it is already way past 2pm. After lunch, shower and lots of dilly dallying (with non-stop naggings from my mil and me for her to hurry up), it is already 4pm. By 5:30pm, she must eat something light for dinner and get ready for ballet class which starts at 6:30pm. After a few experiences with giving her rice and dishes for dinner before ballet class, I vowed that she can only eat bread before her ballet class on Wednesdays. This rascal has always been having a hard time finishing rice with dishes ever since her toddler days, so I figured that it’s best that she eats something that she likes on days when she has to rush for classes. Thus, she only eats bread with butter and jam before ballet class every Wednesday — something which she does not mind eating 3x a day, 365 days!

On days that Sher has a lot of homework to complete, she has to eat her dinner and do homework simultaneously, else she will not have much time left to do it when she comes back from ballet class.

A typical scene on a Wednesday evening… Sherilyn getting help from mah mah on her Mandarin homework from school and her quick dinner consisting of mah mah’s homemade bread with granny’s homemade pandan kaya and homemade strawberry jam.  She can wallop these 2 slices of bread in under 20 minutes vs 1 hour+ to eat rice with dishes.

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9 thoughts on “Hectic Life For A 7-Year Old

  1. When kids start primary school, they will get really busy. My girls are almost every day in this type of rush manner, as they have table tennis training almost every evening.

  2. Barb, yes she will ask for rice with dishes when she comes home fr ballet but if I give her rice, it will take her 1 hour+ to finish and she has no time for that. She must be in bed by 9pm. So she only has light snacks 🙂

  3. Just like my son. He loves bread and can eat them 365 days! When rushing, he too eat dinner and do homework at the same time. haha…. kesian hor.

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