Home-cooked Dishes

A short post to boast some of MIL’s delish home-cooked dishes 😛

Simple yet satisfaction to the max dishes that MIL cooked this week…

Pan-fried white pomfret fish and fried minced pork with Shimeji mushrooms and carrot.

 photo homecookeddnr25Jun-1_zps3a9bdead.jpg


Vegetarian dish and braised bitter gourd with pork slices and black beans.

 photo homecookeddnr25Jun-2_zpsa0514144.jpg

Sitr-fried sirloin steak with fresh mushrooms, homemade mashed potatoes and a medley of colorful veggie (celery, carrot and yellow bell pepper).

 photo homecookeddnr26Jun_zpsbd114317.jpg



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