Homemade Fish Cakes

This is my all-time favorite dish – pan-fried fish paste / fish cake (‘yue peng’). My hubby usually asks his cook to make the fish paste from ‘kau yue’ or mackeral fish or if she’s busy, he’ll buy them from the pasar malam. I normally use the fish paste to make fish balls to go with noodles or pan-fry them into fish cakes. I normally ask my maid to pan-fry a big batch and I will store them in batches in tiny air-tight containers in the freezer. When we’re too busy to cook, my maid will defrost the fish cakes, make some anchovies soup and we will all eat meehoon with the fish cakes. My gals prefer this kind of simple meal than rice with dishes.

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6 thoughts on “Homemade Fish Cakes

  1. SLURPS!!!!!!! Now I have to eat something…you lah, make me so hungry.

    Btw next time you meet up with Yi Yi, let me know – I’ll tag along so that I can meet you kekekeke

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