Homemade Pesto Sauce

My mil made some very delish Pesto sauce 2 weeks ago. The Pesto sauce can be used as sauce for spaghetti / pasta or used as bread spread.  I love it eaten as bread spread.

I never knew making homemade Pesto sauce can be so simple. The ingredients used are:

1) Toasted pine nuts
2) Fresh basil leaves (we bought a punnet from Jaya Jusco). You can also plant them in your garden, like my mum.
3) Parmesan cheese
4) A little sea salt
5) A little olive oil
6) Fresh garlic

Just toss everything into the blender to blend them into the desired consistency.

The bottle of fresh-from-the-blender Pesto sauce and fresh-from-the-oven carrot bread.

This is real GOOD stuff – hot Pesto sauce on a slice of hot carrot cake. The kids and I LOVE them. Even Baby loved it but I try not to let her eat too much as it is a tad salty.  You can have a healthier version of the Pesto sauce by omitting the sea salt and reducing the Parmesan cheese.

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