Homemade spaghetti bolognaise

I made spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauce for lunch the other day. And the sauce is a healthy and wholesome one with lots of chopped celery, carrots, tomatoes, big onions and fresh shiitake mushrooms.  The bottled spaghetti sauce is supposedly preservative-free and MSG-free.

This plate is for Baby. Check out the 2 containers at the background. That’s for deep-freezing for Baby’s lunch / dinner next time (usually eaten in less than 2 weeks).  Her serving is always topped with extra mushrooms as she’s a great fan of mushrooms, just like #2. #1 hates mushrooms!

And this bowl is for my mum – vermicelli bolognaise! My mum, just like me, does not like spaghetti but loves rice vermicelli.

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