How My Tuesday Went

It was another tiring day today, with most of my time devoted to Baby C and I only have the time to sit down and blog now.  In the morning, I managed to work out on my trampoline and went for a short jog…. all these I did with Baby C with me.  I can never go out of her sight, else she will wail her lungs out and my mil can’t even placate her.  Only managed to work out for 20 minutes.  I must increase the duration slowly, to at least half an hour a day.  Then had a quick bath, quick breakfast and then nursed my demanding princess, bathed her and put her to  nap.

Baby C did not nap for long the entire day today.  I spent the entire afternoon talking to her, singing to her, putting her on her tummy and encouraged her to lift up her head and tried putting her to nap…. but she just wouldn’t nap for long.  Before I knew it, it was time to bring my 3 gals to our paed’s clinic – Alycia for her chicken pox booster jab, Baby C for her Pneumococcal jab and to get the urine culture result and Sher – to check if she’s got ring worm or eczema on her body.

The urine culture result showed that there’s no growth in Baby C’s urine…. thank GOD!  The Pneumococcal jab caused her to wail her lungs out as expected.  Alycia was very good again as she was very brave and wasn’t scared at all when the dr. administered the jab on her bum.  She even smiled after the jab…. and the dr. treated her to 3 honey stars!  The bill came up to a whopping RM500++!!  The Pneumococcal jab alone cost RM268!  I’m praying that Baby C and Alycia won’t have fever after their jabs.

Back home, it was already 8:30pm.  I had a quick dinner…. of merely swallowing my food down without tasting them coz Baby C was restless and wanted my teat teats.  Half way through dinner, I had to nurse her and after that, I lost my appetite and couldn’t continue eating the cold food.  Then, quickly went upstairs for a quick bath.   In my bedroom upstairs, I could hear her cries downstairs.  This happens most of the time when she can’t see me. Long story cut short, I only managed to put her to sleep after she had latched on to my teat teats for almost an hour. 

I better go up to my bedroom now…. I can hear Baby C’s voice from the baby monitor! 

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12 thoughts on “How My Tuesday Went

  1. Phew!… Cassandra’s really clingy to you, but understandably so coz she’s not feeling well (I assume). Also, breastfed babies…. very demanding! Izac nly started to ease off after he turned 2!

  2. Wow…you’re good!!!!! When mine yells his head off, I just check if he’s wee-ed on his clothes…then leave him to cry somemore! WAKAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAK..

    I’m quite a slackr mama la….

  3. Understand your hectic. Previously my girl also can’t nap long, I even need to carry her to sleep. She cried mostly everynite. At the end we surrendered by getting her a cradle, although we do not want it but the cradle really solves our problem.

  4. Luckily her urine results are clear. Thats really good news.
    Rowena was really clingy too – i could not do anything. But after 3 months, she got better.

  5. the first year of having a new baby can be really taxing. Most times, the mom dont even eat till late afternoon. I totally understand.

    Glad to know that Baby’s urine result is favourable.

    You did workout on a trampoline? i am impressed! you live up toyour blog name. no offence. But were you a gymnast or some athlete before or do people really do workout on a trampoline? Pardon my ignorance

  6. Allthingspurple….I am just quite an athletic person, love outdoor activities and cant stand being fat, thus my determination to work out. Plus, I can really see the health and beauty benefits of exercising. Anyone can work out on a trampoline… you can jump on it, jog on it, dance on it, etc. Very fun and it’s cheap too.

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