How To Get Your Children To Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

The littlest girl at home can be as stubborn as a mule when it comes to eating her leafy greens. There are only a handful of green leafy vegetables that this little girl would eat – spinach (cooked till really soft), Romaine lettuce, mustard green (sawi) and cabbage. Other non-leafy ones like broccoli, leek flower, beans and cauliflower are still acceptable by her.  When other vegetables not in this list are placed on the dining table, not even the most attractive of bribes would entice her to swallow down the vegetables.

Her reason? Too hard to chew.  Too yucky.  Too slimy. Too boring.

And my best solution?


Picture above shows a plate of sauteed organic sweet potato leaves. And this little girl just won’t eat it, not even half a stem no matter how much I threatened or bribed her.  However, after cutting up the vegetables into swallowable pieces, this rascal mixed the vegetables with her turmeric chicken and scarfed it down in a jiffy. NO issues at all. No complaint of the veggie being slimy and fiber-ish.  And she says she’s a toddler once again 😀

Cass at 9 years 5 months


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