Hubby’s Car Got Hit

2 nights ago after a game of basketball, DH went for supper with his basketball mates. After supper, as DH was about to make a right turn at a corner, a drunkard hit his new car and the bugger wanted to escape. There were dents and scratches across the left doors. Fortunately DH’s basketball mates are all lanky and muscular and they jumped out from DH’s car and tried to prevent the drunkard from escaping. The drunkard whose breath smelled heavily of alcohol got intimated by the group of muscular guys and without any coercion admitted his fault, gave his identity card and business card to DH and agreed to pay the repair cost and end of story. Now, DH got to get his car fixed. Sigh, DH seems to be unlucky driving MPVs… his first MPV was submerged in flood water last year, then when the MPV was fixed, it got stolen and now the 2nd MPV got hit pulak. Really freaky!

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