I Thought I Was Going To Be Finished!

This morning I went to the gym a tad late. After working out in the gym, which was about 8:45am, I swiped my access card to enter the lift area. The lift opened and then TING, it stopped on the first floor. And then… my nightmare began. A Bangla worker stepped into the lift. This guy has always looked very very dodgy to me. Ever since the notorious gang rape of a student in a bus in India happened, I have started to develop a bad impression of male blue-collar workers from that country. Just 2 days ago, I read the story told by the rape victim’s mother. It was a long and teary account by the victim’s mother, detailing the moment her only daughter was found half dead till the time she died. I got teary-eyed after reading the story. The pain and trauma the victim had to go through before her death were beyond words. Those monsters severed her intestines. I cannot imagine the magnitude of pain the parents of the victim had to go through for about a month before she slowly and painfully left the world. Reading the latest story told by the victim’s mother left me even more prejudiced against blue-collar workers from that country.

Anyway, coming back to my frightful moment this morning. The moment the stinky Bangla cleaner stepped into the lift, he was oogling at me like a rapist. He stood right in the middle of the lift. I wanted to walk closer to the side of the lift door, where the red emergency/alarm button was BUT that asshole was blocking my way. Then the lift stopped at 5th floor, which is my floor. He quickly dashed out of the lift and instead of turning left to the refuse room, he turned RIGHT, which was the WAY TO MY UNIT!! Oh. My. God! I kept saying SHIT, I am in big trouble! The asshole walked to my unit. He knew which unit I am from as he had seen me in the past when he collected garbage from the refuse room. I didn’t know what to do next. The hubs left the house early in the morning to his office. The 3 girls are at home sleeping. There was no way I was going inside my unit in that circumstances. I stopped short walking for a moment and then walked towards the right side, where I can clearly see the swimming pool and there will be guards patrolling there. If the asshole refused to budge and attack me, I will scream on top of my voice for help. I gave him my killer stare. I gave him the stare that sent him the explicit message that I knew what to do next and don’t you dare go near me. He started to sing a song and then nonchalantly walked to the refuse room. With all my might, I quickly walked to my unit with my legs feeling like they were turning into jelly, aimed the key very carefully into the door keyhole while turning back to check if that asshole was going to run towards me. I quickly shut the door BOOM. Locked all 3 locks as fast as possible and I was shaking a little. I always have a habit of getting my keys ready even before I enter the lift. I always take out my set of keys and get ready the particular key to open my door. This habit of mine made opening the door and getting in really quick way faster.

DE JA VU! Many times, I have had dreams like this where an assailant was following me and I had to run as fast as I could with wobbly jelly legs to open my house door. Today it happened! Till now, I am still very traumatized and shaken.

I quickly called the hubs. He came home later and spoke to the chief guard, who summoned the cleaner on duty. The hubs questioned the cleaner who vehemently denied he had any ill intentions towards me. The hubs told the chief guard to prohibit the said cleaner from entering our block with immediate effect.

I am in the midst of typing a complaint letter to the management of our condo. I am going to ask the Management to transfer this cleaner out of our condo with immediate effect. We are paying over RM400 a month on maintenance fee and we have the right to make this request for our own safety.

You may think that I am over-reacting but if the cleaner had no ill intentions towards me:
1) Why did he not press the button to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and other floors when he was in the lift? Why did he follow me out?? Logically, from the 1st floor, a cleaner has to go to the 2nd floor, then 3rd floor to collect garbage.

2) Why did he not go to the refuse room but walked towards my unit? He had seen me a few times when he collected garbage and knows that I live in that unit.

I am praying hard that this asshole will not come back to take revenge on me. I never ever want to see his face again, ever!




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5 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Going To Be Finished!

  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the horrible incident, thank god you and your 3 girls are alright.. Yes, kinda scary when you are in the lift with someone looking dodgy.. I live in a condo too, and I live at 12th floor, gawd, I can’t imagine myself stuck in the lift with that crap ass until the lift reaches 12th floor..
    I guess if it happens to me, I will go out at the soonest floor the lift is reaching…

  2. omg…what a scary incident! It is quite dangerous to leave the kids at home sleeping but sometimes we just do not have a choice when there is so much to accomplish right?

    thank goodness you are fine!

  3. Oh man..this is indeed scary. Thank God you are unharmed. I am always extra careful when I see foreigners from this country because you just won’t know. They have this scary look on their face.

  4. this is definitely scary and you have every right to be paranoid. i would think it’s safer in condo units especially in your neighbourhood as the commitee in these established areas will ensure safety at all times. even at my old condo, there were male cleaners too but they do not look at women like how you have described it and they were professional. my current one has female cleaners and male gardeners but they are all very professional too. having said that, although i do smile and greet them, i will still be always on guard as you may never know. better to be safe than sorry. stay safe!

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