I Will Tell Daddy….

My hubby has a tendency to spoil the girls rotten. His daughters’ wishes are always his command and he hardly ever says ‘no’ to them. He is a yes-man when it comes to his 3 princesses.   Oh, how I wish he too is a yes-man to me…. but dream on! Anyway, Alycia and Sher have now taken advantage of their daddy’s leniency and yes-man attitude towards them that they will ask him for everything under the sky whenever I am not around!  They are like rats when the cat is away! I am always the bad guy when it comes to disciplining the girls and the one tightening the pockets.  Daddy hardly scolds them. In fact, I will be the one being chastised when his princesses are being reprimanded by me.   Fair or not you say? Angry or not you say?

And I just hate it when Alycia and Sherilyn tell me this whenever I discipline or forbid them in doing something…. “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy you don’t want to give me (this and that)” or “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy not to bring you out” or “Nevermind, I’ll tell daddy to give me” or “Hmmmph, I’ll tell daddy to scold you” …. in a tone that’s meant to threaten me!  This happens all the time whenever they (especially Sherilyn) are being reprimanded by me. With 2 toddlers constantly challenging me physically and mentally and a baby who is practically breaking my back everyday, I don’t even need the best diet pills to help me loose weight.

Who’s the bad guy when it comes to disciplining your kids at home? Is it you or your hubby?   Do your kids ever say “I’ll tell daddy….. (this and that)” to you, in a tone that’s meant to threaten you?

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8 thoughts on “I Will Tell Daddy….

  1. Muahahahahah….my kids dare not tell their dad , coz I encourage them to, but they won’t. They know it’s a waste of time.


  2. Haha. I really don’t know yet since Ryan is only 5 months old. But from how things are going, I guess I will be more of the bad guy while mommy will be the saviour. Ryan already knows now that mommy sure will not let him cry for long. Daddy can leave him to cry and yell his heart out if he is cranky but mommy will quickly carry. And he will then smiled sheepishly at daddy as if to say, ‘ Nah, see..u don’t carry, mommy will carry.’ Aiyoh…..kepala pusing.

  3. My kids does that too. As if their daddy will have more say over me. haha !

    Whatever I won’t buy, Kimberly wait till her daddy gets home, then she goes, “Deh…deeeeeeeeee.. ! ” in her sweetest voice imaginable and tell him about this cool bag, or this cool shoes, that sparkles and has the picture of winx or bratz at the side , ending with “Can I have it?”

    I think majority of little girls out there are daddy’s girls.

  4. You really need to talk to your hubby and agree to a plan of action. As cute as those darling angels are, they must never be allowed to think they can over-rule you or your husb. Sure they will try, and bless them for it. However, if they start thinking that mum is nothing and dad is the one who counts, then you are seriously undermined. Kids have to realize there are boundaries and also that parents are a team and mum and dad set the boundaries. Yes, at times it’s tough love, but kids do benefit from it. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way!

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