Ice Blended Strawberry Organic Soy Bean Milk Smoothie

This is my ice-blended organic soy bean milk smoothie with strawberries and strawberry flavored yoghurt for Cass and Sherilyn…

Ingredients :
1/2 sachet Super organic soy bean powder. Dissolve the soy bean milk powder in 1 cup of water first. You can use the whole sachet if you want it creamier.
8 strawberries
1 cup of Calci Yum strawberry yoghurt
1/2 teaspoon of chia seeds
3-4 pieces of ice cubes. You can put more ice cubes if you want it to be cooler but I do not encourage my kids to eat very cold food/drinks.

Put everything into the Shimono cup cum jug and whirl-pulse for about 10 seconds. Yup, this cup of smoothie takes less than a minute to whip up! And you can drink straight from the cup too, so there is very little washing to do.

Verdict : very creamy and delish! Full of goodness — good for your bones, teeth and health!  This concoction can also be poured into ice-lolly moulds and frozen to become healthy ice-cream for your kids!  To make ice cream, you can cut up some strawberries into bite size pieces and add them into the mould 🙂

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