If Only I Had 3-5 Hours A Day To Spare On The PC

These days, I can hardly find an hour to spare on the computer. Baby’s waking time equals my time feeding her and watching over her like a hawk. This little fella has turned into a very mischievous and curious toddler. I can never leave her alone for a minute for Lord knows what she will be up to, just like #2. When my 2 older gals are back from school, my time is spent coaching them in their homework. I am amazed that some of my friends who are mothers can spend 3-5 hours a day on the computer – blogging and facebooking. If I have 3-5 extra hours a day on hand, I will definitely put it to good use and spend the time making extra money. There are more than 101 ways to earn money using the internet, one of which is options trading. Well, I know very little about options trading but with sites like poweropt.com to teach idiots like me everything about options trader, making money is just a few clicks away.

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3 thoughts on “If Only I Had 3-5 Hours A Day To Spare On The PC

  1. Errmm.. you have a maid? Is she not involved with the kids, maybe just watch and play with Bb C for an hour. It’s good for the kids to see kakak also as a friend. You can work on your pc whilst the girls’ do their homework under your supervision still, rite? And you have MIL with you, too.

  2. Irene… my maid is a bit slow in her work. If I ask her to watch the baby for an hour everyday, her other jobs will not get done and she can only get to bed after 12 midnight! Right now, she doesn’t even need to do part of the laundry as we send them to the laundry. We will get a new maid when her contract expires.

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