I’m Hooked On Steak

This baby must be a meat lover, especially beef, pork ribs,  mutton and curry chicken. I am really crazy over steak and hubby is more than happy to know that coz he loves steaks too and now, he has even more excuses to buy steaks. Each week, we will shop for our steaks at Village Grocer or Cold Storage as they have better quality steaks there. Better quality meaning the meat are from cows that are fed with good quality grains and the texture of the steaks are more tender and not tough. We tried buying cheaper quality steaks but the steak turned out hard and tough and I chewed till I nearly had locked-jaw and in the end, the steak ended up in the bin.

And oh yes, I got a tip from hubby. In order to have softer and more tender meat, pound the meat before frying it either with a meat pounder or the back of a meat chopper. It really makes a big difference. Some people use meat tenderizer but I have doubts using such chemical. I’ve also read that papaya juice is a natural meat tenderizer but I haven’t tried that yet – I don’t want my piece of steak to taste like papaya! Hubby likes the steak lightly marinated with salt and a dash of Lea & Perrin sauce or HP sauce.

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8 thoughts on “I’m Hooked On Steak

  1. as i can’t take beef, i love to make my own pork chop too. At the market, they will pound the meat for us. All had to do is just to marinate it, even qiqi loves my pork chop!

  2. Jazzmint… i never knew Sprite can be used as a meat tenderizer. Must try it one day. Tks!

    Shireen…. i heard lemon juice can also tenderize the meat but i’ve not tried it though coz i dont want my meat to be sourish. Is it nice to marinate steak with lemon juice?

  3. i agree with jazzmint, yeah soda is sort of a meat tenderizer.

    Try and marinate it with Kikkoman and oyster sauce, but first you have to rub it with salt and pepper. Btw steak taste good with unsalted butter, yummy

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