Indoor School Holiday Activity In Ipoh

Alycia who loves reading the newspapers (and just about any reading material, EXCEPT her school books!) found an interesting word search game (Wonderword) from The New Straits Times papers today. In KL I only buy Star newspapers but in Ipoh my parents subscribe to both NST and Star.

Alycia then challenged Sherilyn to compete with her in the word search game. And I told them that the winner gets a prize which is a…….. err, an ice cream potong muahahahah!

 photo 20140608_105745_zpskg1jyqhd.jpg


 photo wonderword_zps45c43fc2.jpg




After an exciting half-hour word search competition, Alycia emerged the winner. She is now hooked on Wonderword and has requested that I buy NST papers too every Sunday.  No problemo as long as it is an educational hobby.



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